An Interesting Article About the End of the Civil War

I’m not a Civil War buff, per se, but Tom Ricks published a link to a pretty fascinating article. Ricks seems most impressed by the fact that Andrew Johnson did not consider Texas pacified until mid-1866, but that is only a minor point in the article. Much more interesting to me is the discussion about former Confederate soldiers conspiring to establish a colony in Mexico, and their idea that such an army of disgruntled former CSA soldiers would be useful to Mexico should that country go to war with the United States. Also interesting is the attempt by the author to generate sympathy for the ruined former plantation owners and slaveholders, which fell flat with me. The article was published in 1901, so don’t be shocked by the liberal use of the term “darkies.”

Secessionism 101: Feds maintain the Civil War didn’t end in Texas until mid-1866 | The Best Defense.

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