I am an American Soldier, trumpet player, and aspiring historian. I have served as a musician in the United States Army for almost nineteen years,  and have performed with Army bands across the country and around the world. I have been interested in history since I was in elementary school, but until very recently that interest was merely a hobby. I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts in American History from American Military University, and I hope to pursue a career in the field of history when I retire from the military. I am primarily interested in the history of the American West, particularly that of the Indian tribes of the Great Plains.

I am discovering that graduate school requires a LOT of writing, and I am a very undisciplined writer. I created this blog in the hope that it will force me to put some thoughts down on paper (OK, not on paper, per se, but you know what I mean), and I plan on using it as a place to bounce ideas around as I study, think, and write about my interests in history. Please feel free to comment; I am seeking active, constructive criticism of my thoughts and ideas.

UPDATE (February 14, 2013): As it turns out, this blog did not in fact help me become a more disciplined writer. I have ignored it only slightly more than I have ignored a lot of my assignments, but this blog is disadvantaged in that it does not have a due date. I will try once again to be more disciplined in posting here, and I am going to try something new: I will begin posting my assignments here. Hey, it’s a start. I will also branch out a little more, and post comments and links to articles about current events and politics, as well as the occasional philosophical musing. Many of these posts will not be academic in nature, and therefore will not be painstakingly researched and documented, so comments, while certainly welcome, should bear that in mind.


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  1. How are your classes going at AMU? I love reading your blog – I took class there a couple of years ago. I hope you blog more.

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